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Juan Jo García Caffi 




Composer, arranger and conductor, Maestro Juan José García Caffi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 He was trained  in several specialties by different Maestros such as: José María Clavero, Erwin Leuchter, Rodolfo Kubik, Guillermo Gratzer, Alberto Ginastera, Jacqueline Ibels, Roberto Kinsky, Clelia Troisi, Jean Fournet, Ernesto Halffter and Johan Elhert.

 Founding member of the Chamber Choir of the Wagnerian Association in Buenos Aires. 

 Creator of the Vocal Chamber Group of the Buenos Aires National University  and  the “Madrigalists of Buen Ayre”.

 Creator and member of the Zupay Quartet – one of the most outstanding vocal groups in musical history in Argentina.

 García Caffi received the “Diploma of Honor” from the Argentine Association of Chamber Music (1973) and the “Artistic Merit” Diploma awarded by the National University of Buenos Aires (1975).

Honorific professor for the National University of San Juan.

 He conducted almost all orchestras in Argentina. Some highlights include performances with the Mendoza Philharmonic Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of Universidad Nacional of San Juan, also the Symphony Orchestras of Neuquén, Paraná, Bahia Blanca, Mar del Plata, Córdoba, Tucumán, Salta, he was chief conductor of Teatro Argentino de la Plata, Buenos Aires Philharmonic, National Symphony Orchestra, and others.

 In the rest of the Americas, Maestro Juan José García Caffi conducted, amongst others, the National Orchestras of Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico Symphony, Caracas, Venezuela Symphony, Montevideo Philharmonic and the Symphony Orchestra of Festivals in New York, performing in prestigious venues such as Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Teatro Solís in Montevideo, Sucre in Quito, Teresa Carreño and Municipal de Caracas, Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico, Puerto Rico Fine Arts, Carnegie Hall in New York, etc….

 In 1975, he moved to Spain, where he gained dual citizenship. He cooperated on several occasions with the Ministry of Culture in this country, composing, conducting and adapting several symphonies for Theatre, Music and Dance; during this period, some highlights include his adaptation, orchestration and collecting work of Dance Music for the Spanish Bolera School of the XVIII and XIX Century,  and for the National Ballet archives and repertoire.

 Also with the repertoire of the Bolera School, he cooperated with the celebrated Margot Fonteyn in the BBC documentary “The Magic of Dance”. He conducted the symphony orchestras of the Principality of Asturias, of the Balearic Islands, the National Symphonic Orchestra of Barcelona i Catalunya, Symphony of Bilbao, Euskadi, Manuel de Falla of Cádiz, Community of Madrid, Madrid Symphony and the Teatro Real, Philharmonic of Malaga, Orchestra of the Region of Murcia, Royal Symphony Orchestra of Sevilla, Tenerife, Orchestra and Choir of Radio Television Española, etc….

 In 1981 in Geneva (Switzerland), he was awarded the “Prix de la Musique” by music critics for his musical work. In 1983, he conducted “I MOSTRA INTERNACIONAL DA MUSICA” on the Island of Madeira, featured by the Portuguese government and broadcasted by Eurovision.

 He conducts regularly the Symphonic Orchestra of Radio Television Portugal, Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphony Bratislava, Budapest Symphony, London Chamber Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

 Between 1984 and 1995, he worked simultaneously as chief conductor of the Orquesta de Cámara de la Sociedad de San Pablo as well as the Agrupación Lírica de Madrid, with which he performed the large repertoire of Zarzuelas.

 He made a series of symphonic arrangements on the international opera repertoire for the tenor José Carreras, further performed by “The Three Tenors”.

 Caffi has written more than sixty soundtracks for long and short films and well known television series, for which he was nominated Fellow of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain.

Active Member of the Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias de la Música of Spain.

 As a Composer, Arranger and Director, García Caffi has developed into a multifaceted versatile aesthetic, covering various genres, which can be verified by the commission from the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra arrangements of “Tango Symphony” to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Orchestra. These arrangements were subsequently recorded with the Orchestra and Chorus of the Radio Televisión española. Closing with this repertoire in December 1999 at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, the famous “International Week of Tango Buenos Aires”, with the Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Polyphonic Choir of Argentina.

 In 2002, commissioned by the Foundation of Spanish Authors, he recorded a CD of Spanish Classics with the National Symphonic Orchestra of Barcelona i Catalunya, and after being edited in Spain and the United States in 2003, he was nominated for the “Latin Grammy” awards for best symphonic work.

 His eclecticism allowed him to adapt, arrange and conduct the following musical works:

“The Rocky Horror Show” (Buenos Aires 1975, London 1983, Barcelona 1984). “The Sound of Music” (Madrid 1977, London 1979). “West Side Story” (Madrid 1978).“Evita” (Madrid 1980, Barcelona 1984) a work that won the “gold record”.“Cabaret” (Buenos Aires 1988).Conducted the original version of “Les Miserables”, produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company and performed by Plácido Domingo (Madrid 1992).“Beauty and the Beast” with the original production of Disney (Madrid 2000).“Jekyll & Hyde” (Madrid 2002), a work nominated for the Theatre awards “Max” as best musical conductor.

 Throughout 2004, he includes into his repertoire as a conductor, the symphonic work by Juan Manuel Serrat, on tour through Spain and America. As well as the group “Les Luthiers” and their symphony “Concerto Grosso”. From 2005 to the present day, García Caffi is working as Composer, Arranger and Conductor travelling between Europe and America. During this period he has made multiple recordings, highlighted by his works with the Orchestra and Choir of the Radio Televisión Española, recordings of Latin American repertoires with the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of Prague and Budapest, and “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Leslie Bricusse and Frank Wildhorn, with the Symphonic Orchestra of Bratislava.

In 2011 he conducted the “Commemoration Concert” in the 25th Anniversary of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain, with the Symphony Orchestra of Radio Televisión Española, broadcasted live throughout Spain by the state television network. In June 2015, he conducted the Closing Concert of the Music Festival “Palaces of St. Petersburg” at the magnificent Palace Catherine the Great, and in march 2016 he conducted at the Bolshoi Dramatichesky Theatre, both with great reviews and audience succes.

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